Our Style, builds Our Character

We have grown with fashion governed by brands. Starting our day since morning; the first sip of our coffee or tea, followed by brushing our teeth with the toothpaste, the soap and shampoo we bath with. The shaving kit and the gel we use for our grooming and all those deos we use. The underwears which sounds elegant as lingerie, and bath towels, robes, and bathroom slippers or flip-flops that we care to wear. And then, moving on to clothing, cosmetics … socks and shoes, all of this is part of the fashion world, governed by brands, who have invested billions to understand the consumer behaviour, the science of buying, understanding the habits of their target audience, groomed together into emotional buying(s). And then monitoring these emotions to continue the process.

All of this, was fine and accepted, until the dawn of June 2020, when our generation learnt to live with new challenges. Which we had never talked about or even discussed, therefore, let alone, brainstormed to design a healthy lifestyle. Because, our struggles since January 2020 onwards, was a whole new experience, which not only changed our life forever, but is a challenge which we still strive to find solutions. While scientists continue to struggle to find those solutions for medical healthcare, and business struggling very hard to give a re-start, we will soon know that this new experience, will give a new meaning to our life, to set a new beginning. Because, life will never be the same again. And, if we don’t come together now, to strive this new start, many of us will never be able to survive the coming times.

The last decades, we got so carried away in the world of fashion, and competition that we overlooked many facts. We ignored the environmental dangers. We overlooked the small scale dying industries in our lands because many companies were eager to earn an extra percentage by outsourcing, now, a new chapter in management, to country(s) where human rights could still not set to work. Thus, abusing rights of individuals of those land, made cheaper products, resulting into companies dying out in nations who were part of this huge outsourcing club, just to benefit their financial goals. All that money earned, went into fixing the challenges these last 6 months and yet, we have not even fixed any!

But today, we have an opportunity. To start with; let us all come together and make sure that, especially brands who govern us, and our lifestyle, respect us, our values, our culture and our heritage. And, thus, stop this outsourcing of the making of their goods, rather, use local talent and industries to make things that we need in our own markets. Having said that, of course, we do understand, that there are certain products which can be grown and produced only in certain regional landscapes, and, yes, we respect and understand those values. However, what we mean more is towards industries which are set up exclusively with a goal for cost-cutting. Because, we want to ensure that our talent(s) are part of brands which strive to business in our markets. That will be the true meaning of working in our markets, with our talents, with our people and eventually, marketing those to us.

With this very philosophy, those brands can continue the same strategy for each other country and only this way, we will be able to re-build our society and our nations. And yes, brands who fail to respect this ideology, must be totally ignored. Because, no longer, can we allow brands to make money at the cost of our dreams. Our dreams who can be shattered because of their financial profits when they want us to invest our style on them, while they abuse rights of people of our nation by making those products elsewhere. Lets make it simple, ‘Brands, if you want us to buy your products, make it in our land, in our industries, using our people. Then it is truly ours, and we will respect and invest in these brands’. Then, its part of our cultural heritage. Because, after all, we are all, identified by our cultural heritage, and our history and our values. All of this, will together build better societies, and, that, will be the brand value to cherish forever.

Lets together strive for our values, for our people, for us and our coming generations. Lets start with supporting our artists, our designers, our local bakery, our local grocery stores, our local restaurants, our local hotels, lets value and respect and buy products made in our land by our industries. Let’s travel using our local public transport, lets go for a holiday to small towns and cities and even villages, and live in those family owned hotels and guest houses. Lets support out local farmers and their produce. Because only by doing so, we will be able to generate opportunities between us and slowly, help build our people and our businesses.

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