Our Style Is Fashion

“Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months”. – Oscar Wilde

Yet, most of us have let some brands dominate us and our lifestyle. We are one unique individual creativity of Our Mother Earth. We are all unique, so much that, even twins by birth have that one unique identity which sets them apart. So when Our Universe has blessed us with our own authentic and unique personality, why must we let some mass producing brands lead our life style? Why must we let some designer, some where in his yacht in middle of the calm sea, design our clothing this season, and then, again, introduce a new style for the next season and drive most of us to live that way? Why must we allow mass producing brands, to outsource the making of clothing in countries where there is cheap labour and then drive that style to us to buy, while our own local people go jobless and our local industries close? Instead, why not we strive together to support our local artists, designers, and products made in our local industries so that, together, we can suport our lives and our people and build our nations together? Because, We know We are unique individuals, with our own unique personality and, Our Style Is Fashion.

Lets together strive to make our style a fashion statement. Unless we let someone else dictate their style on us and we become followers to trends. As the great Oscar Wilde had said, fashion itself is ugly which needs to be changed every six months. So why should we care to that anyways! Why should we use mass produce! Why not instead we go bespoke? This will truly give opportunities to our local artists and designers and our local industries to develop and grow.

Cost is not always the key factor which should drive our style for fashion. We can always afford few bespoke shirts, trousers, and even shoes, to adore our style. Because our style builds our character. So why not make it as unique as we are in true sense. It is not really necessary to have a wardrobe full of fashionable clothes mass produced from cheap labour. Instead, few good bespoke collections which will speak bold and clear about our unique personality and our attitude towards our life and our style. And in doing so, we will set a new trend.

Picture these facts, lets look at photos and videos of the times from our parents and their parents generation(s). Weren’t they all dressed so elegant? Often men in suits and hats and ties and women in dressed? And now lets look at the present generation, while we’ve advanced with smartphones and gadgets, but with fashion we seem to adore the style of wearing some torn and worn out clothing, just because, someone set that as fashion? What will the coming generations see us like, while holding a smartphone in hand and wearing a torn jeans and shirt? Or in shorts maybe! What will be the contribution to arts and crafts from our generation to Our Mother Earth? Will it be just digital art? And we will continue to travel to locations and landscapes to adore the architecture of 2000 years ago? Or, aren’t we capable to craft something unique from our times? These questions and thoughts and even more, will be never debated, because of some left wind minders who want to drive the industry funded and governed by bodies who work brutally with their own goals, often, not supporting the cultural heritage we belong.

Where are the gentlemen and ladies of our generation today? Or, shall we start to create few…?

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