Brand Marketing – getting remembered and staying on top


Whether it’s on the internet or in any offline business sector, competition is fierce. That’s why one of the most lucrative markets right now is in advertising; getting noticed is not just a part time job but a full time effort. Whether you’re running a really small business or a big one, you’ll realize that getting noticed is more than just any commercials and radio spots. You have to come up with something that will make people remember you. You have to create a brand that will eventually be remembered by anyone. If you just go with the generic version of things without any product or service branding, you’ll end up with nothing and losing money in the process.

You have to be proactive in branding your service or product. It’s not just a one time effort but a continuous effort to make people conscious that you exist and can actually serve them. Although technically, doing nothing’ about branding is still a strategy, but it will get you nowhere. What’s important is to do something others will immediately identify you. That’s only part of the branding job but it gets you started.

If you’re offering a service to customers, don’t just tell them that you’re offering a service. Tell them that you offer something entirely different. For example, don’t just be contented in offering good service for landscaping, offer an after work assessment. This personalization is a surefire win-win solution for you and you’re customer. Not only you guaranteed them that you did something really good but you’re willing to sit on it with your clients and ask them what they think on what you’ve done so far.

Products on the other hand are quite different when it comes to branding. This doesn’t really entail the service that it does but what’s really unique about the brand. If you’re selling food supplements, don’t just say it will make your life better, point out the number one ingredient that will definitely help anyone who are planning to take the supplement. Of course, your claims should be true or else you’ll be in trouble with the law. Once you’ve found your unique feature, stick to it. This unique feature will be your niche. Even though you don’t own the whole market, you have faithful clients who will keep your business running no matter what.

Lastly, when creating a unique product or service, you have to add something that they will remember. This is where the logo or the slogan creation comes into play. Whenever you see the logo of Microsoft Corporation; you always think about computers even though how ridiculous the advertisement is. That’s also the same with McDonald’s, Apple, Nike and other big companies who just don’t bank on good product or service but on branding as well. Although you can’t really compete with these products right now, you can certainly let some people remember with your service that comes with a logo. People don’t really have to remember your name and phone number, a good logo or a short but effective slogan will do the trick.

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