International Coffee Day – 7 fine coffee cities in Our World and their top Cafés

October 1 is International Coffee Day and the perfect day to remember that shepherd who noticed his goats ‘dancing’ after eating the fruit of the Coffea plant. A local monk brewed a drink out of the fruit that chased sleep out of this eyelids. That was the world’s first cup of coffee. Or, so the story goes.

Here are 7 best coffee cities in the world and their best coffee houses.

Vienna (Austria) | Café Hawelka: A Viennese institution, gourmets recognise the Hawelka – especially after 10 pm – not only for its coffee but also by the wonderful smell of Buchteln, yeast buns filled with jam. Café Korb: It is the coffee house rich in the patina of the 1960s. Everyone feels good here, from the celebrity to the old lady. The eccentric hostess Susanne Widl watches over the goings-on. Café Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien: Coffeehouse inside the Museum of Art History with an unique atmosphere. Café Central: This legendary literati café, which counted Arthur Schnitzler, Peter Altenberg and Adolf Loos among its regulars, has a charm of its own that transforms a visit into an experience. Café Landtmann: Franz Landtmann created a coffeehouse institution when he opened Vienna’s largest ‘café locality’ in the year 1873. His patrons have included Sigmund Freud, Marlene Dietrich, Romy Schneider, Paul McCartney and Hillary Clinton. Café Landtmann, a favourite of Sigmund Freud

Seattle (USA) | Pike Place Starbucks: This is the world’s first Starbucks opened on March 30, 1971. Commonly called the Original Starbucks, its sign bore not a green mermaid but a brown one. The name Starbucks comes from Starbuck, one of the major characters in Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick. Vivace: Birthplace of American latte art C & P Coffee: Located in a craftsman-style house in West Seattle, this one is for those who want a simple cup of coffee. Zeitgeist: In Pioneer Square, a convenient central location populated with designers and technology types that work nearby. Milstead & Co.: A pilgrimage site for coffee nerds, with its rotation of coffee from a dozen local roasteries. The world’s first Starbucks in Seattle

Melbourne (Australia) | Brother Baba Budan: Named after the legendary merchant Baba Budan who smuggled seven coffee seeds out of Yemen, BBB opened in 2003. It has a small number of seats, not including those on the ceiling and a loyal following of Melbournians and out-of-towners. Market Lane Coffee: A boutique coffee roastery and retailer, it sources beans from some of the best growers in the world and brews coffee in six shop across Melbourne. ST Ali: ST. ALi was one of the first to define specialty coffee in Melbourne. They are a stand-alone brand, unique, focused, and hard to replicate. While their spiritual home will forever be the laneway roots in South Melbourne, they also own and run the Sensory Lab brand of stores in the CBD and now at Melbourne International Airport. Gold Drops: Do not mistake it as a standard Italian-style espresso bar downtown, it is actually Melbourne’s sole purveyor of ‘natural’ coffee. Industry Beans Lt Collins: Sitting in CBD and known for expertly made espresso, batch brew or Coffee Bubble Cup delivered with speed and home of Australia’s first full La Marzocco Modbar. Brother Baba Budan

Vancouver (Canada) | Nemesis Coffee: Topped the 2019 10 Best Vancouver Coffee Shops list. Try their fruitiest coffee Pallet: Known for its espressos, Pallet romped home as 2019’s Best Roaster in the Top 10 Roaster list Agro Coffee Roasters: Second in the Top 10 Roasters list, they are the king of cappuccino The Garden Starthcona: If ever there was a coffee shop beauty pageant, this one would be a winner. Try the Cortado here Iktsuarpok Coffee Stand: If you crave for a Flat White, come here. Not sure if you can call it a coffee shop, there is only a window through which they serve the coffee.

Havana (Cuba) | Cafeteria Tu Parada (Avenida Desamparados no 102B): Order a Cubano for one peso. Cafeteria La Familia (Bernaza no 109): Best known for coffee and pizza. Bar Mi Nina (San Lázaro no 213): This is the cafetería to go for a cortadito (espresso mixed with a drizzle of warm milk to soften the taste and reduce bitterness of the coffee) in the afternoon Cafeteria La Luz (Obispo no 157): Open 24 hours a day, this one is a hot favourite for a caffeine shot. Cafe Fortuna Joe (Miramar): Pick from more than 30 types of coffee on the menu

Taipei (Taiwan) | Cafe Fugu Roasters: Best hand-brewed coffee. Others cafes known for hand-brewed coffee are Gentle Blue Café, Brett – Living with Coffee, Scent Café, and Shiny Café 9 Days Coffee: Best espresso in town. For more espressos, head to Coffee Berry Cave, Honeycomb Café, and Knight Coffee 313 Café: Was voted the Best Central American Coffee in 2019 Rufous Coffee: Standalone cafe that only opens after 1 pm, its remixes are brilliant – coffee beans marinated with wine, coffee mixed with wine, coffee with milk and egg. Gabee Coffee: Try coffee with fruits and vegetables – sweet potato coffee, pumpkin coffee, watermelon coffee, lychee coffee.

Puerto Rico (USA) | Caficultura: Tucked inside a renovated historic building in Old San Juan, come in for the chocolatito, a delicious hot chocolate with a heady dose of an espresso shot. Café Colao: In Old San Juan, indulge in a café con leche. Expert baristas will assist you with your selection. Café con Cé: Relish good coffee and drinks, as well as homemade pastries, at this local San Juan favourite. Café Regina: Come for the coffee and stay longer for the brunch Friends Café: Savour a flavourful cup of espresso in the historic centre of Mayagüez at Plaza Colón.

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