Swiss Made Watch vs any other watch & smart-watch

Once while making a presentation during a product launch, an anxious person asked our founder Mohinder Sobti, ‘give me one good reason I should invest in a Swiss Watch’ and thats when, he said ‘Every Watch tells time, it’s Only a Swiss Made Watch, that, tells Your time. Simply meaning to express, that when a person has good times in his life, it’s worth investing in a good Swiss Made Automatic Watch, which is both elegant and classic piece of jewellery one can wear, bare minimum, both at work and even casuals.

While we have nothing against those quartz and digital watch, or smart-watch and even jewellery made of gold and other precious and semi-precious metal. However, time-piece has always been a classic symbol of one’s character and personality.

Whereas, smart-watch especially, is a fad which needs regular updates and with time it needs an upgrade too. And, it might even sound harsh to say that, it barely brings in any re-sale value. Moreover, smart-watch suits best when we are either into fitness or even better, when we are into extreme fitness.

The same with jewellery, be it any kind; gold, silver, platinum, those are extra accessories which we adore, occasionally. This goes to say that, on our daily based lifestyle, we can always cherish an authentic Swiss Made Automatic Watch, made by Swiss Watch makers, who are registered with the Swiss Watch Federation. Because, this blends style and investments together, Swiss Made automatic watch are classified as antiques over time and yields good returns. And dressing together with comfortable clothing and polished shoes is what we’ve always believed to be well dressed.

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