Women also have dreams


Having being born as a girl is my privilege. During my youth I was an active chess player and I became the first girl national youth champion of my small country in South America. Victory was fine but, it had its not so fine sides as well. I would notice that whenever I would win from a boy, which was most of the times, since not many girls played chess and let alone, compete on the national level, I would notice that it would be very hard for him to accept the fact that he lost, or even worst, he lost from a a girl! Sometimes they would even throw the chess pieces in extreme frustration!

I enjoyed my victory in the game and today, these years old memories come back at times, only now, when I evaluate them, I wonder, what would frustrate those boys so much from loosing from a girl? I suppose it is because often boys are brought up as, a man in the making, a man who does not cry, is always a winner and surely, does not loose from a girl! So maybe, this explains to all that violence from men towards women today? And it is all a part of the upbringing from the family and all during childhood?

Are boys really taught that they are better than girls and it is a shame to loose from a girl? While it is difficult to find the answer to this, even today, the strive for a woman to prove herself will continue, and we wonder for how long more? I was privileged to have had a wonderful youth in a society where I could achieve more-or-less everything regardless my sex. Just imagine all those millions of girls having the similar dreams, I had, and I could fulfil, if they had the same opportunities like me and if they could also fulfil their dreams …. maybe today, many more girls would have become scientists, doctors, artists, technicians. Maybe in past we missed an important invention, a discovery or a treatment for an incurable disease? The disease of bringing up a boy and forcing him to be a man, instead of being a lovable human first …

Submitted by; Dr. AJ

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