Charmex of Switzerland

The history of Montres Charmex SA goes as far back as 1926. This was the year when Max Bürgin started his apprenticeship in one of the leading watch factories near Basel, Switzerland. His exceptional talents soon caught the attention of the management – he was promoted and eventually made head of the technical department. What he really wanted though was to have his own watch business, pursuing the traditional art of manufacturing state-of-the-art timepieces. His dream finally came true and later on in 1989 his son Manfred Bürgin, today’s President together with his wife Kathleen joined the by then prospering company. 1999 their son Frank M. Bürgin, today’s CEO followed and thus continued the family’s tradition. Manufacturing bespoke timepieces using but choice materials of the highest quality remains the credo of Montres Charmex SA to this very day.

Montres Charmex markets some of the finest Swiss Made Watch and holds rights to brands such as Charmex of Switzerland, collection of classic watches for Men and Women, CX Swiss Military Watches, well known as ‘Instruments for Professionals’, a collection of very sturdy sports watches for professionals both Men and Women, and, Swiss Military Watch, a collection of affordable sports watches for Men and Women.

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