“A Swiss Made Watch may not change the World, but, those who wear them, can” 

A thoughtful message and might make us wonder how? 

Picture this, there are around more than 7 billion people on our planet. Let’s say if 50% of those wear a quartz watch, that’s around 3.5 billion on an average, and, if they were to change those batteries once a year, that’s around 3.5 billion battery thrash on Our Planet, every year! 

What if, we were to go back to wear mechanical watches? Watches, that need no batteries, no charging, no solar; just mechanical, wether automatic (self winding), or, mechanical winding watches.

Imagine that, we would save Our Planet with around 3.5 billion worth of battery thrash every year……….!

Swiss Made Automatic watches, have a reputation for its high quality standards in making time pieces. We are all born unique and originals, we can surely, pride to wear a Swiss Made Automatic or a mechanical watch, both to cherish our unique self and, pride to know that, we’ve done less thrash for Our Planet.

Swiss Watch Boutique

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