Limited Edition Swiss Made Automatic Diver’s Watch by GROVANA

‘Every Watch tells time, Only a Swiss Made Watch, tells Your Time’ – said Mohinder Sobti, co-founder of Swiss Watch Boutique, during an event when he was presenting his collections of Swiss Made Watches.

We are all born originals, therefore, we are unique and deserve to pamper ourselves with some unique and authentic lifestyle. It’s not always feasible to wear expensive brands to prove our uniqueness. In fact, that might at a certain point, mean, showing off wealth. And also, its not every person’s budget as well. Keeping these few facts in mind, we founded our Swiss Watch Boutique, retailing Swiss Made Watches, from Swiss Watch makers, who are registered with The Swiss Watch Federation. Thus, assuring You the finest Swiss Made Watches and in affordable prices, as compared to the leading brands.

So, what makes Our Collections with our Swiss Watch Boutique unique? Well, as said earlier, each brand, is from a company registered with The Swiss Watch Federation. Which means, that, these are watches, which are crafted with spare-parts which are 90% Made in Switzerlands and, assembled in Switzerland by a qualified Swiss Watch makers, who went learning the art in the finest Watch making schools in Switzerland, which might be some where around a 4-6 years study course.

Further more, each Swiss Watch, has a defined quality standard. For e.g. brands registered with the Swiss Watch Federation, will have Swiss Made Movements, either Automatic, Mechanical or Quartz movements, it will be 316L category of Stainless Steel, case and bracelet, or is its a leather strap, it will be genuine leather for sure. It will have Sapphire Crystal Glass, which is considered as one of the finest and strongest durable glass in the industry and finally, it will be any where between Water-resistant 5ATM and above, depending upon the models. For e.g. diver’s watches are around 100ATM and even more. Therefore, to maintain these quality standards, every Swiss Made Watch comes with a price tag. And only these carry the “Swiss Made” elegance at the 6’o clock position. These are the basic benchmarks of the Swiss Watch quality standards.

So what makes, expensive brands, expensive? Well, many more factors, because, there is no definition to Luxury Lifestyle. But let’s try and understand; 316L Stainless Steel has a price tag, because this category, is nickle free and free of allergies (well depends on skin types and the weather conditions too) and this category is the finest of its kind. However, when a brand has a vision to target the high-end luxury, they might even go with the 905 grade of steel, which is also called as oyester steel or surgical steel, this, is one of the world’s finest, in simple terms, this grade of steel is used widely in the medical world, especially, all or most surgical instruments are made from this steel, because, the surface of this steel is so smooth and like pure that even the most known bacteria might not stand on it. Well, this maybe just an explanation for an easy understanding. And thus, such a high standard quality steel comes with a premium price tag. Add to that, when you’ve entered the luxury world with this, then, you might even want to add more jewels, and maybe even parts exclusively made with 18K Gold and such. Thus, adding more value to the Watch, and eventually, defining to your Brand quality and vision.

Having said that, we hope now we have able to explain our audience, that, Our Collections of Swiss Watch may not be popular like most brands You might see around since luxury brands also have a budget for advertising, which small family owned companies might be limited with, yet, Our Collections of Swiss Made Watches, carry the same Swiss Made quality standards.

So, its worth to an affordable, entry level brand of Swiss Made Watch, which generations will pride to wear, than to invest in other mass produce products.

Swiss Watch Boutique

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