Good Times on Friday The 13th

No matter how much superstition was discussed with The Friday the 13th thingy, generations have strived and done well. This goes to show, perhaps, superstitions were just a fear factor, to rule and abuse the weakness of many.

Life is about being in harmony with our Mother Earth and feeling gratitude with Our Universe. Do good and goodness will happen. That’s a simple law of karma …

Here’s to good times always with a Swiss Watch. It’s amazing indeed, how some artisans, assemble some of the tiniest spares together, to craft a timepiece, which moves automatically. The watch winds itself by the movement of the person and with a precision of (+)(-) 2 seconds a month. Amazing isn’t 🙂

Imagine, no batteries needed, picture this; over 7 billion people on our planet, even if half of them wear a quartz watch which needs a battery change once a year, that’s around 3.5 billion battery garbage only. And also, beats those smartwatches which are contributing both garbage and global warming (upgrading a new smartwatch every time adds to new garbage and every device add to the global warming).

Our ancestors did well, with their innovations and lifestyle. Something surely went wrong with those liberals who have made our society unsafe and our planet into a mess. Because usually they are the noise makers in society pushing an agenda of the corporates to force adapt to a new lifestyle (that’s a lovely theme to debate on another post for sure).

Here’s to goodness and good times with a Swiss Watch.

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